The Legacy Grant Winners

Your 2020 Legacy Grant Winners

Josh Shaw out of Michigan and Melissa Boerst out of Nevada. 


"I feel very honored and  thankful to be part of a group of people who believes in taking care of each other and promoting the betterment of each other. Getting to know members who are the legacy of the Longhorn industry is a good way to continue the memories of the people, their values, and their knowledge on to the next generations. I am very grateful to be able to say that I am student debt free because of the longhorn industry. It is a great relief to, even in the darkness of 2020, to have some light, to be rid of one more payment and close that chapter of my life. Education is really important to me and you never stop learning no matter what your age. I feel very passionate for this program which rewards individuals who accomplished a goal and found a passion in Longhorns. I will continue to give back as much as I can to support this special program.”

Melissa Boerst


"We are beyond blessed and grateful for being awarded the Legacy Grant. Beside the obvious benefit of the monetary award, the grant allowed us to become more connected with the past and the present Longhorn industry. It was an honor to be able to try and capture a small part of the Legacy of Mike Bowman, which will live on for generations to come in the Longhorn industry. We are looking forward to being able to give back to the Longhorn Legacy Grant to impact someone else in the way they have impacted us."

Josh & Megan Shaw



Your 2021 Legacy Grant Winners

Nate Schumpert and Devin Culpeper


“Receiving the Legacy Grant was the highlight of my year. Having a large portion of my student debt taken away was something I never expected or dreamed possible; the burden and stress relief my family and I have felt is immeasurable. The Legacy Grant has allowed me to apply much more focus toward my agricultural interest and future.”

Devin Culpeper


“The Legacy Grant was beyond a blessing that sometimes still does not seem real to this day. The Legacy Group has always pushed the grant and the idea behind it for the last couple years and although I was aware of it I never really persude it. After seeing what it did for Josh Shaw and Melissa Boerst in 2020 I knew this was something I wanted to be involved with. From that moment on I knew this was something I needed to pursue and hit head on. I instantly started strategizing on who to write about, what to write about, who to contact, what questions to ask as the list goes on. There was a very little hesitation on who to write about, none other then Ben Gravett. The impression and relationship he made on my father and I, especially when we first started out in the Longhorn business, were like no other, and I will never be able to re-pay the memories and philosophies he gave me to this day. The Longhorn Legacy Grant is a life changing concept and I am beyond thrilled to be able to give back this year with the donation of our very own TCC Houdini daughter.”

Nate Schumpert