Lane Craft

Lane Craft has been around Longhorns most of his life. His family bought their first steers to put on their South Texas Ranch in 1994 when Lane was only 4 years old. When the Craft family would go to the ranch, Lane was quick to disappear in the South Texas brush, totally counteracting his mother’s warns of snakes, thorns, and other dangers.

After multiple trips, Lane’s parents quickly learned if they wished to find the young Lane all they needed to do was find out where the Longhorns were as he would be walking and sitting among them.

The Crafts kept this herd of steers for 15 years until 2009. Prior to that any and all breed publications would go to Lane’s grandfather and as far as Lane and his father, Les, knew there wasn’t much of a Longhorn world out there.

During the summer of 2009, the Crafts purchased their first bit of registered stock from Joe Valentine at the Hudson/Valentine Sale in Forth Worth, TX. Since then, the Crafts have been major supporters of the Longhorn industry. Lane has served on the TLMA and TLCA Board of Directors and as Chairman of the TLCA. Craft Ranch is also a member of the famed Millennium Futurity and have sponsored multiple events.

Along with great support, the Crafts have produced one of the first 100″ TTT Longhorns, Rex’s Red Rose. Along with her they’ve used bulls like Sittin Bull, PCC Rim Rock, and currently TCC Houdini. Their cows have also been awarded Ultimate Cow four times. And, like most everyone in the Longhorn business, it’s harder to find a more enjoyable family than the Crafts.