Lot#: 42

DC Pacifica

Date of Birth:
Great looking young cow with impressive horn growth (already over 70" and growing); good size and body. Deer Creek breeding, sire: Tumbling Dice, Dam: Pacific Snowdrop (gorgeous, huge horned cow).
Owner Name:
John Marshall
Deer Creek Longhorns
PH #:
Reg #1:
Sales Comments:
It's hard to let go of cow that you know will be 80" at 5 years old but we wanted to bring something worthy of the Legacy Sale! Pacifica has tremendous confirmation and a beautiful horn set. She has stacked bull power genetics with sought after LLL Lucky and Top Calibur to bring in the horn genetics. Lots of horn with over 77" T2T and almost 90" of TH. This girl has the right makings for a 90" cow. She has been exposed to our spectacular blue roan Jr Herd Sire, SSR Iron Buttons and cleaned up with our grulla tried and true bull, Smokey & The Bandit for what should be a great spring calf. Millennium Futurity Eligible. Measurements and breeding status updated at sale.
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip70.250006/22/202038 mo 
Base13.500012/26/201932 mo 
Composite171.250012/26/201932 mo 
Tip to Tip65.750012/26/201932 mo 
Total Horn78.500012/26/201932 mo 
Base12.750010/28/201930 mo 
Composite160.375010/28/201930 mo 
Tip to Tip64.875010/28/201930 mo 
Total Horn70.000010/28/201930 mo 
Base12.750005/28/201924 mo 
Composite151.750005/28/201924 mo 
Tip to Tip60.250005/28/201924 mo 
Total Horn66.000005/28/201924 mo 
Base12.750012/10/201819 mo 
Tip to Tip51.500012/10/201819 mo 
Total Horn57.000012/10/201819 mo 
Tip to Tip34.500004/20/201812 months 
Tip to Tip19.000010/20/20176 months