Lot#: 45

Pacific Jubilation

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Fairlea Longhorn Ranches, LLC
Jim & Barb Steffler
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I call her Queen Jubie because like any good queen, she is a true one of a kind. Her sire was Top Caliber who was 88.25" when he died in 2016. For most of his life he was the longest horned bull for his age in the breed. Later he graduated to the simpler title of longest horned bull in the breed. Her dam was Shadow Jubilee, who was one of the first cows to go over 90" TTT, and she too was the longest horned of her gender in the breed. When she died in 2016 she had 91.75" TTT. So, Pacific Jubilation (Queen Jubie if you will) has a truly royal pedigree, and she wears it well. Somehow knowing that it would be unseemly for a queen to compete directly with her own mother, Queen Jubie went instead for the total horn prize. Her total horn measurement will be provided at the sale, and as you might imagine, it's a good one. But Queen Jubie doesn't just lay around eating bon bons. She is the dam of Pacific Stars and Stripes who was 80" when Ii sold her for $25,500 at my Stocking Stuffer sale a few months ago. So, she produces well too. That's why I'm keeping her 2021 daughter, Pacific Katalina. Queen Jubie is bred, and depending on birth date of the calf, it will have been sired by either Ferdinand or Cowboy Ruff. Both are over 88" and on track to easily be over 90" in 2022. In summation, I can only say that girls like this don't come around very often, so don't let her get away. Now a note into the future for the buyer, whose name I obviously don't know yet. Please treat her with care. She expects that and will, in return, give you years of pleasure.
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