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Millennium Futurity Champion Bronze

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Ben & Bill
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2022 will be the FIRST EVER $100,000 Futurity anywhere in the Longhorn industry, guaranteed by the Millennium Futurity. This is a huge step for the Longhorn industry as it just brings another aspect to your Longhorn marketing portfolio. The Millennium is also changing up its champion bronzes. In 2022 the Millennium will be awarding the largest Futurity Champion bronzes any event has ever give away, 17 in total. Nows your chance to make your bull or cow the bronze model for the Millennium Futurity. For the next five years the Millennium will honor your program by awarding the class champions their bronze showcasing your model Longhorn. Whether it be bull or cow, the Millennium will proudly promote to the winner's these one off monuments. The Millennium will also gift you, the winning bidder, the very Millennium Futurity Class Champion Bronze at the 2022 Millennium Futurity in Lexington, KY.
Millennium Futurity Champion Bronze