The Futurity Money Earners

The Official Money Earners List for Longhorn Futurities 

This year of 2021 brings a whole different level to the Futurity world. Our goal is much like the Millennium Futurity's "For the promotion of Longhorns." We want to add another value to these cattle that are quantified. In 2021 we are going to offer five award buckles  for five different categories. Multiple futurities have already committed to helping collect this data meaning that their shows will be added to these figures. Any checks won in any of these shows will be represented on the Futurity Money Earners List for both the sire and dam of that money winning animal, as well as the owner of that animal. Special thank you to Molly & Jaymie at Hired Hand for their belief in this concept. Hired Hand has sponsored this year's buckles.


2021 Futurity Money Earner Award Buckles presented by Hired Hand Software

- Bull of the Year awarded to the sire whose offspring wins the most money
- Cow of the Year awarded to the dam whose offspring wins the most money
- Exhibitor of the Year awarded to the show contestant that wins the most money
- Producer of the Year awarded to both sire and dam whose offspring wins the most checks of the year

After five events...
The Winchester Futurity, The Legacy Sale Heifer Futurity, the ITTLA Futurity, the Southeastern Winchester Futurity, and the Cherry Blossom Futurity.

Bull of the Year Standings
$6,188.00 - Fifty Fifty BCB
$2,730.15 - YR Roscoe
$2,193.67 - Delta Lucky Ace
$2,129.00- Pearl Snap BCB
$1,761.04 - Cowboy Catchit Chex

Cow of the Year Standings
$3,533.21- BC Super Smoke'N
$1,546.66 - Horseshoe J Lattitude
$955.01 - HL Rags to Riches
$866.95 - YR Baby Blues
$861.00 -Adora Belle BCB

Exhibitor of the Year Standings
$3,757.20 - Dean Whitlock
$3,520.00 - Brent & Cindy Bolen
$3,245.00 - John & Christy Randolph
$2,833.14 - Bill & Elizabeth Hudson
$2,730.15 - Mike & Tracey Young

Producer of the Year- Sire Standings
11 checks - Pearl Snap BCB
8 checks- Fifty Fifty BCB
7 checks - Delta Lucky Ace

6 checks- JTW Big Country
5 checks-SR Clout
5 checks-WS Vindicator

Producer of the Year- Dam Standings

4 checks - Horseshoe J Lattitude
3 checks - HL Rags to Riches
3 checks - Jest Draggin Iron
Many cows at 2 checks

“It’s easy to overlook a herd sire or outstanding female that may be under marketed and over achieving. Keeping real datat is not only one of the smartest ways to promote your animals that you work so hard to keep producing, it is also a place to see just how they really stack up against their peers. The Futurity Money Earners List is a novel idea to showcase a collective set of numbers to help all breeders produce even better offspring. It’s the only published Futurity of Futurities.”
Josh Dinwiddie, ITTLA Futurity in Oklahoma

“I’m very excited to see what is being done with the Futurity Money Eanrners List. I really encourage all futurities to participate and provide their data. As this list grows it will be a very useful tool for both new breeders and veteran breeders alike. It will be a great reference for new breeders to see what Sires and Dams consistently produce futurity winners, without having to search multiple spots. I believe it will also be an amazing marketing tool for breeders to showcase the fertility of their bulls and dams.”
Josh Shaw, GLTLA Futurity in Michigan

“I am excited to have The Millennium Futurity included as part of the Futurity Money Earners List. The participants of the highst paying Futurity in the country deserve recognition for continuing in their promotion and success of their programs. I believe this list can be a valuable tool for those who follow futurities and love the competition outside the conventional shows.”
Christy Randolph, Managing Partner of the Millennium Futurity

“I think this is a fantastic idea. We will now have another tool to track value in our cattle behinds the tape measure. As we all strive to produce the perfect this gives us another gauge to judge our programs and marketability of our products. By using several different futurities this means we are getting a larger cross section of different judges with different perspectives on cattle which in turn should give us a better feel of market value.”
Dan Huntington, Partner of The Cheesehead Futurity


Upcoming Futurities

The Winchester Futurity
March 6th in Bryan, TX
Contact Rick Friedrich at 712-305-0259

The Legacy Sale Heifer Futurity
March 19th in Grapevine, TX
Contact Bear Davidson at 540-687-0050

The ITTLA Futurity
March 26th in Overbrook, OK
Contact Josh Dinwiddie at 580-812-2436

The Cherry Blossom Futurity
April 16th in Culpeper, VA
Contact Bear Davidson at 540-687-0050

The Millennium Futurity
May 14th in Glen Rose, TX
Contact Christy Randolph at 712-703-8458

The Futurity of the West
June 18th in Dundee, OR
Contact Scott Picker at 503-572-5656

The GLTLA Futurity
June 19th in Horton, MI
Contact Josh Shaw at 616-212-8226

Cal Neva Futurity
July 16th in Reno, VA
Contact Melissa Boerst at 775-560-3767

 The Cheesehead Futurity
August 7th in Gresham, WI
Contact Dan Huntington at 715-853-7608

The East Coast Longhorn Classic
September 10th in Culpeper, VA
Contact Bear Davidson at 540-687-0050