Bear Davidson

Bear Davidson was born into the Longhorn industry. The famous WR Sale was held on the third Thursday in September for decades. His father, the late Bill Davidson, dropped Bear’s mother off at the hospital in Shawnee, OK and headed west for Lawton.

When he got home Bear was born. Bear spent much of his childhood running around the country to Longhorn events with his father and his late Godfather, Eddie Wood, eavesdropping on every Longhorn conversation he could.

In the late 90s, the senior Davidson took over as Ranch Manager for G&G Longhorns in Catlett, VA and at 13 years old Bear spent his summers and school holidays working the ranch until his father retired in 2003.

During college, he worked for Rob Fenza and Northbrook Cattle Company in Pennsylvania. For four years before he took a leave of absence from the Ag world to get more involved in the world of marketing, sales, and management of the construction world.

It was in the spring of 2009 that Bear reached out to the late Ben Gravett about filling the need for Ranch Manager at G&G Longhorns. Since then Bear has developed G&G’s brand to a whole different level as well as growing the East Coast markets with local events.

Along with managing G&G Longhorns, Bear also founded Eastwind StockCo Consulting, a Longhorn based consulting company in 2015 that currently serves 14 Longhorn programs.